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Refund Statement

The general issues start with the payment process and keep them continue while having the exact value of terms measured accordingly. As per the prescribed solution that may be held anytime in the user’s system. During the term and policies followed in a subjective manner when the users get the initial setup for any technical issues held in a simple manner. The terms and conditions placed are always placed in a frequent manner.

General Policies

  • Get initial and online refund solution to ensure the product priority.
  • If the subscription plan is not issued, will not get any amount.
  • All Intuit QuickBooks Financial software services will be permitted to be returned within the period of 15 days from the date of ordered service.
  • Particularly mentioned version will notify while accepting the services.
  • Notification of changes must be confirmed before accepting technical assistance.

Note: It is mentioned that the particular service description makes the accounting helpline users easy and the technicians are not liable for any compatible issues faced through them. But if they want to cancel the services can easily get a refunded amount.